Tuesday, September 22, 2009

365 Pictures in 365 Days!

I began this project on September 9th, 2009. I've been posting the pictures on Facebook, but not on my blog. I know, I can be a knuckle head sometimes. So here are the first thirteen days. I'll be posting them regularly after today....I promise.

9.9.09 Time Square

9.10.09 Statue of Liberty

9.11.09 Pigeon at top of the
Empire State Building

9.12.09 Grand Central Station

9.13.09 Saying Good-bye to
New York

9.14.09 Twins: Jose & Johnny

9.15.09 Plant on Michigan Avenue
in Chicago. (Taken from my car. I was
stopped at a red light).

9.16.09 Lake Michigan Sunrise
(Taken from my car, while driving).

9.17.09 Road I take to the train.
(Taken from my car, but this time
I was a passenger hanging out
the window...kind of)

9.18.09 This could be why
Indiana is ranked #6 in air quality.
More like "disgusting" air quality.

9.19.09 This maybe be the reason
I can never find jeans long enough.

9.20.09 My son Billy. He is my
hero. There is no one I admire
9.21.09 Yes, I'm in advertising

9.22.09 Fall began at 4:18 today. Poor Heather.
9.23.09 This makes me sad. Take across from the
Museum of Science and Industry. He was washing
his laundry as joggers ran by....

9.24.09 Winston is back from Machu
Picchu! Yay! He is one of my all time
favorite people.

9.25.09 It's a tugboat.

9.26.09 Ummmmm......."Quack"?

9.27.09 The City from Navy Pier.

9.28.09 I'm in this elevator. You can
kind of see me.

9.29.09 The smiley face never goes out
of style.

9.30.09 The Bean in Chicago.

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